Weight Loss Seem Impossible? Local Surgeon says Genetic Testing May Help!

For Immediate release—For many, weight loss is an issue that they struggle with all through their lives. For some, the culprit behind the weight gain may actually not be diet or lack of exercise; their genes may be to blame. FitMed Partners is now offering a simple test, called genetic testing, that can give patients a personalized health plan. States Dr. Bright McConnell, III, “If a patient has tried numerous diets, and keeps losing and then regaining weight, they are a prime candidate for genetic testing.”

A simple saliva test analyzes over 100 genetic markers that have been shown to impact metabolism, exercise, and energy use in the body. A patient is then given a personal genetic profile. States Dr. McConnell. “The results are incredibly specific. Patients can use their genetic profile to take action. The results can empower a patient to finally end defeating cycles of weight gain by establishing a personal appropriate diet and exercise regimen.”

Research shows that that people that follow a diet appropriate for their genotype lose 2.5 times the weight than those that do not know their genetic profile. To learn more about genetic testing, log onto fitmedpartners.com.

Media contact: Laurin Collar, HHK Healthcare Marketing Specialists. 843.478.8494