Want to Hit the Links like the PGA Pros?

Follow these tips first to avoid injury!

The PGA is in town!  Along with the nationally televised golf tournament comes national attention for the Charleston area and local attention on the game of golf.    While many are enjoying watching the golf greats like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson hit the ball, for some it is motivation to hit the links themselves.

Dr. Bright McConnell, III of Charleston Sports Medicine has treated golfers through the years on various injuries.   In fact, he recently spent time with PGA golfers in New Jersey performing DEXA scans.  These scans will arm these professionals with tools that will help perfect their swing and improve their game.

While thousands of people are fighting traffic to head to Kiawah and watch the golf greats, for many it will jumpstart their desire to play the game themselves.   Dr. McConnell of Charleston Sports Medicine has a few tips for those ready to hit the links.


Ready to Play Like a PGA Pro?


  1. Golf Injuries are more common than you think! The most common injuries:  Hand, Wrist Elbow and Back
  2. Warm Up!  Warming up is crucial to getting your body prepared for a round of golf.
  3. Watch that Grip! Incorrect Grip can cause wrist and elbow damage.
  4. 4. Listen to your body!
  5. Condition! Just like runner, golfer need to condition for their sport.  Focus on strengthening the rotator cuff, chest muscles and forearm muscles.

Dr. McConnell has been treating athletes in the Charleston area for more than 20 years.  For more information about Charleston Sports Medicine, log ontowww.charlestonsportsmed.com or call 843.284.5200.