Tips On Enjoying a Thanksgiving Feast without Gaining Holiday Pounds

Perhaps no other holiday is associated with food as much as Thanksgiving.   With the turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, and macaroni and cheese that are served, this holiday can be a diet buster. Bright McConnell, III MD of FitMed Partners has some tips to keep the holiday weight gain away.  He states, “There are ways to enjoy the Thanksgiving feast without adding on extra pounds. It takes planning ahead, but it is worth it.”

  1. Get moving– States Dr. McConnell, “If there is ever a day to put on the tennis shoes and get outside and walk, Thanksgiving is it.  If you are a regular exerciser, add 15 extra minutes to your exercise regime.”
  2. Eat everything, but in moderation–  “It is okay to put the calorie and fat heavy foods on your plate, if you can commit to only consuming a small portion.  Another idea is to focus on the foods that you only eat on Thanksgiving and avoid those served more commonly throughout the year.”
  3. Skip Seconds!
  4. Healthy First-  “Eat a healthy snack before the Thanksgiving meal and then eat the healthiest foods on the plate first.”
  5. Skip the stuffing; grab the pie- Stuffing is one of the unhealthiest options on the table, especially if it is cooked inside the turkey.   As far as the dessert table goes?  Grab the pumpkin pie, as it is usually the healthiest option, especially if you don’t eat the crust.

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