Take the Test to Make Getting Fit a Success

There are many tests that patients can take to lend a hand in whatever their goal may be – weight loss, disease prevention, age management, improved fitness, better nutrition, supplements needed, and the like. At FitMed, we use evidence based medical testing to customize programs to each individual. No one patient has the same profile. Want to know what to eat to lose weight? Want to know how to improve your time for the marathon you are training for? Want to know what vitamins to take, how to improve your cognitive function, your body composition….we can help.

Whether you’re simply seeking to improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health, or preparing for an athletic competition, getting fit and healthy can be daunting. A customized, medically-based plan to achieve your physical fitness and nutrition goals can help you take the first steps to living life better.

FitMed Partners offers several medically-based fitness and nutrition programs designed to help you reach your personal goals:

Based on your personal results, FitMed will prescribe a medically-based fitness and nutrition plan that is customized, not just for your body type, but to your actual body. All exercise plans are individually developed and include the frequency, duration and intensity of the intended exercise. In addition, you will be given exercise progression guidelines to optimize your results.

The Metabolic Module

The FitMed Partners Metabolic Module is approximately two hours long. The module offers two tests and a consultation with FitMed Partner’s Exercise Physiologist.

Fitness Assessment
For clients who currently don’t exercise or are interested in a more comprehensive assessment, FitMed Partners offers a Fitness Assessment. Our Fitness Assessment is performed by our Exercise Physiologist and includes:

  • Metabolic Profile (RMR and Cardiometabolic Performance Test)
  • Body Composition (body fat) via GE Lunar Prodigy DXA scanner
  • Muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion assessments
  • Balance evaluation using our Biodex Balance System
  • Extensive questionnaires regarding current fitness patterns, goals, and general health.
  • Consultation with our Exercise Physiologist to determine and provide a specific and personalized exercise prescription.
  • Physician consultation and oversight required for certain patients with heart and vascular risk.
  • So no matter what your goals are for better health, FitMed really is your partner for a solution.