Research Shows Love Hormone Level Affects Sex Life

It is called the “Love Hormone” or the “Cuddle Hormone, soon some may call it the “Sex Hormone.”   This hormone, oxytocin, has recently been linked in studies to not only love and bonding but also to increasing one’s sex life.   Bright McConnell, III of FitMed Partners explains, “In the Journal of Sexual Medicine study, oxytocin was shown to

dramatically improve the sexual function of male participants.”  Administered through a nasal spray, the men in the study experienced restored ejaculation.  In addition, the individuals experienced a positive impact on libido, erection, and orgasm.

This study, just released this week, is the first to link the increased oxytocin levels with increased sexual functioning in males.  Dr. McConnell says that for years oxytocin has been linked to love, even fidelity.

Dr. McConnell says patient symptoms can help determine if a patient’s oxytocin levels are low. He states, “Through talking with the patient, we can determine ways to increase the oxytocin levels if needed.  This can be done though supplements but also naturally.  Some ways to increase the oxytocin hormone naturally include being sexually active with your partner, and exercising.”

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