Preventing falls becomes tantamount as baby boomers move into senior years

(Post & Courier)

By David Quick

Duncan Munro, 72, of James Island, has fallen twice, stumbling in a parking lot and hitting his head on a BMW in one fall and tripping over his dog in his house in the other.

Likewise, 79-year-old West Ashley resident Betty Ochoa has tumbled twice, first after someone brushed by her while disembarking on a cruise and the second after tripping on a rug in her home. She has gotten rid of the rug.

And Linda Mohr, 71, of James Island has had two major falls, one in the shower that took her 30 minutes to get up from and another in the basement as she was trying to take out the trash. The latter left her face black and blue and required a visit to the emergency room.

They are among the dozens of seniors who, unlike many, have taken proactive steps to help prevent future falls, including taking the “Matter of Balance” class at the Lowcountry Senior Center on James Island and removing risks from physical environment.

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