Men and Aging A Scientific Solution

Aging…it happens to everyone. While women are often open about the signs of aging, for men aging is a subject they are hesitant to discuss.

The affects of aging are often the same for both men and women. As a person ages, energy levels, endurance, cardiovascular health, metabolic rate and athletic performance decline while weight increases.

Channel 4 first told you about the science of aging through the eyes of a woman, Cindy Cartmell. She decided to tackle the aging process head on turning to Dr. Bright McConnell, III of FitMed Partners on Daniel Island. She started BHRT or Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and saw life changing results. She stated, “I got my life back. I feel better than I have in years.”

Women aren’t the only patients that can benefit from BHRT. Dr. Bright McConnell states, “At FitMed Partners, we have a powerful program customized for men. Many of our male patients begin with a comprehensive blood panel and evaluation. Shortly thereafter, they see renewed energy, heightened cognition and increased libido while reducing their cardiovascular risk.”

For men, the aging reality hits in the mid 40’s, and many symptoms they see—such as a decrease in a healthy sex drive and the ease and duration of an erection—are a direct result of lower testosterone levels. This can affect mental outlook as well.

There is a science behind these changes. As men age, they lose bioavailable testosterone, the most important of two testosterone forms. (The other form is known as total.) There is much medical literature out in support of raising testosterone levels to optimal (the upper range of normal) levels to provide protection against heart disease, diabetes, loss of bone density and muscle strength, and to raise energy levels, libido, motivation, cognition, and memory. Additionally, testosterone is been shown to decrease cholesterol and to protect the brain against the protein deposits that lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

The good news is that there is also a scientific solution: the evidence based bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Targeted to prevent disease, combat the symptoms of aging, and improve energy, libido, cognitive function and weight management, our Male age management programs are specifically customized to your body.

So how does one start the age management process? Begin with an Age Management clinical profile. Dr. Bright McConnell tailors each program to your individual profile. Each patient requires a customized nutrition, fitness and hormone program that can be modulated as needed. For more information, log onto www.Fitmedpartners.com or call for a consultation at 843-284-5720.