Inherited Health: FitMed Unlocks Your Genetic Code

Dr. Bright McConnell, III of FitMed Partners has always taken a custom approach to diet and exercise. Now, with genetic testing, he is able to take personalized health planning and disease prevention to a whole new level. “This is a unique and scientific tool to help our medical team understand how your genes influence your body’s response to diet, nutrition and exercise,” says Dr. McConnell, a board certified orthopedic surgeon with subspecialty expertise in sports medicine, human performance, and age management medicine.

FitMed  patients perform a simple cheek swab, which is analyzed for over 100 genetic markers that have been shown to impact metabolism, exercise and energy use within the human body. Your personal genetic profile is returned to FitMed within three weeks. The results are incredibly specific, detailing everything from your metabolic response to refined carbohydrates, to diets specific to your personal taste receptors, all the way to your genetic response to certain types of exercise. The test may find that your genes cause you to feel more hungry throughout the day, or that you have a higher than average risk for elevated LDL cholesterol. Dr McConnell can explain how best to use the information in your report to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to finally achieve the health you want. Use your genetic profile to take action. These results can empower a patient to finally end defeating cycles of weight gain by educating patients on personally appropriate diet and exercise regimens. FitMed Partners will provide you with recommendations for:

Think a gym card is a better investment? McConnell says, “Research has shown people who follow a diet appropriate for their genotypes lose 2.5 times the weight compared to those who do not follow an appropriate genetic diet.” He cites a 2010 Stanford University and Interleukin Genetics study, where individuals on genotype-appropriate diets lost 5.3% of body weight compared to individuals on diets not matched to their genotype, who experienced only 2.3% weight loss.He adds, “Look at your history. How many diets have you tried? How much weight have you lost and re-gained? Do you have a family history of disease? Your genes can tell you why.”You finally have a chance to make a sustainable and positive change in your overall health and well-being. Call FitMed today to learn more, at (843) 284-5720 or visit our blog for more information!