Healthy Aging

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Aging affects all aspects of your health. Dr. Bright McConnell is an experienced orthopedic surgeon. Over the years in practice, he saw the correlation between the signs and symptoms of age and the deterioration of bones and joints.

While it is no secret that our bodies change as we age. Some changes happen incrementally and can be difficult to pinpoint. For example, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis can gradually diminish an individual’s ability to be active before it is ever diagnosed. A simple bone density test can uncover early signs of osteoporosis. A treatment plan using some combination of calcium supplements, exercise and bioidentical hormone replacement can prevent further bone loss. Many people wait until loss of mobility and intensity of pain occur to find out what is happening with their health. This can often mean losing critical years of prevention.

Prevention is an underrated word in our American vocabulary. It is mislabeled as passive and lacking in time sensitivity. The lifestyle of urgent deadlines and time constraints puts “prevention” on the back burner. Men and women who are comfortably active and alert table the need for an in depth knowledge of their health.

This will have consequences.

Here are some aging consequences that can be uncovered and prevented with a Comprehensive Health Evaluation:

Problem: Aging Bones
Pinpoint: Bone Density Scan and Balance Test
Counteract: Replacement of low hormones, supplements, weight bearing and aerobic exercise

What’s the problem? As we age, the balance between bone absorption and bone formation changes, resulting in a loss of bone tissue. The mineral content of bones decreases, so that bones become less dense and more fragile. Bones lose mass. Bone mass loss is responsible for:


Problem: Aging Joints
Pinpoint: Body Mass Index, Blood work, Micronutrient test/Nutrition Assessment
Counteract: Stretch, weight train, weight loss, glucosamine-based and Omega 3 dietary supplements

What’s the problem? Tendons and ligaments age from a lifetime of use. Cartilage that cushions joints and tendons breaks down as we age. This results in inflammation and arthritis. Joint range of motion diminishes. The culprit is disuse. Less than 10 percent of Americans participate in regular exercise, and the most sedentary group is older than 50 years of age.


Problem: Low Energy and Lack of Vitality
Pinpoint: Comprehensive Blood Panel
Counteract: Consultation with Doctor to review your blood panel findings. Develop a treatment plan to address findings.

It’s time to find out why you don’t feel 100%. Aging often comes with low energy, malaise, lack of interest, diminished cognitive function, reduced sexual interest, and a whole host of symptoms that amount to making you feel physiologically and psychologically OLD. You can chronologically age without losing your vitality. The first step is a good blood panel and reviewing the findings with an age management certified physician.

Knowing your baseline can enable you to be more successful in your efforts to maintain a healthy weight, avoid chronic disease, stay mobile and feel vital.


Problem: Sluggish Metabolism
Pinpoint: VO2 Max, Metabolic Module, Resting Metabolic Rate, Nutritional Assessment
Counteract: Read this http://www.fitmedpartners.com/step-step-guide-metabolism-makeover/. Then, do this:

Schedule your Metabolic Module inclusive of a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test

Cardiometabolic Performance Test and your comprehensive blood panel. Consider adding a SpectraCell Comprehensive MicroNutrient Test, designed to scientifically pinpoint micronutrient and anti-oxidant deficiencies. Come into your follow up consultation with the physician armed with these findings. Receive a customized program to address the findings. Enjoy the real and sustainable results.