Give Your Self The Gift of Health and Happiness This Year

gift of health

This time of year, many people are scrambling to get medical services that are much needed. What is the reason for the hurry? It is all about reaching your deductible. The deductible in your healthcare plan represents the amount of money you must spend on healthcare services before your insurance provider will pay for services rendered in full. If you and your family have met your deductible, you may be considering the need to get medical services you have been putting off due to expense.

Consider this. You can also pursue medical services you know will be beneficial, but are not considered emergent. Are you overweight and in need of a physician managed program to achieve a healthier lifestyle? Are you looking to have diagnostic, metabolic or similar tests to establish your baseline for health and work toward feeling better? A number of medically based fitness, nutrition, hormone management, disease management and related prevention programs can qualify as medical expenses. For example, FitMed Partners provides a document that patient’s can self-file with their insurance provider?

A growing number of people have high deductible health plans. Individuals in business for themselves and small business owners and employees often use an HSA for healthcare coverage. A health savings account (HSA) is a tax-advantaged medical savings account available to taxpayers in the United States who are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). [1][2] Others are in larger companies that have been forced to raise their deductible in order to continue to provide health insurance cost effectively to their employees.

For the high deductible group defined above, qualified medical expenses can be paid for tax-free. If you meet the deductible, these qualified expenses are fully covered.

This time of year, amidst all of the holiday parties and treats, give yourself a gift. Research lifestyle, health improvement, and prevention based programs to give yourself and someone you love on your list this year. “As a preventive medicine physician, I believe that the best investment you can make is in your health and longevity. Feeling better and taking better care of your self can be life changing. It begins by making the time and making your health a priority – regardless of your age,” says Bright McConnell, III, MD, FitMed Partners Founder.

When you toast to your health and happiness this holiday season, make that wish come true with a customized health program. Get a baseline for your health and address your individual risk of disease, ideal weight, hormone deficiencies, diminishing muscle mass or many of the other highly preventable maladies that shorten life span.

Every Thanksgiving, Christmas and broken New Year’s resolution that passes without an investment in your health can reduce your quality of life in the future.