Get the Right Diagnosis for Leaky Gut Syndrome with Cyrex 2/10

FitMed Partners brings the best science to determine “leaky gut” syndrome to our patients. A simple oral and blood lab text is now the answer to a complicated diagnosis. Cyrex™ addresses the cross-connections between the body’s endocrine, gastrointestinal and neurological systems which play a significant role in the development of today’s complex disorders.

Immunology is at the root of many chronic disorders that affect the ongoing wellbeing of women and men. Combining Dr. Bright McConnell’s knowledge of hormones, nutrition, fitness and bone health with this powerful laboratory test allows patients struggling with leaky gut syndrome to determine an individualized nutrition plan to alleviate symptoms. Cyrex’s research and education divisions provide in-depth scientific and practical knowledge, allowing Dr. McConnell to use the most updated standard of care in your diagnostic and monitoring process.

Healing your gut begins with a good nutrition plan. The Cyrex 2/10 test includes a Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen that tests your unique responses to dairy, eggs, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, fish, seafood, meats, herbs, spices, gums, brewed beverages, additives and more. Call FitMed Partners at 843-284-5720 to schedule a time to take this test and get to the bottom of your gut health challenges.

The Science of Gut Health