Feast without Regret

FitMed Partners Gives Tips for Smarter Holiday Eating

Many people will gain weight over the upcoming holiday season, but there are ways to avoid the dreaded extra pounds. Thanksgiving kicks off the “season of eating” with a feast that can be detrimental to diet plans. Bright McConnell, III MD of FitMed Partners has some tips to keep the holiday weight gain away. He states, “These tips will help many enjoy the Thanksgiving feast with smart holiday eating and without regret.”

1. Get moving– Walk around the block as a family before and after the feast.
2. Choose wisely– One serving of mashed potatoes and gravy are around 300 calories. At 140 calories a serving, mashed sweet potatoes are a better choice.
3. Go Green– Eat the healthiest foods on the plate first; these are the ones with the most color. Limit the carbs.
4. Ask for pie– Pumpkin pie is only 180 calories a slice, much less and more nutritional than some side dishes.
5. Think ahead– Want a second helping of cranberry sauce? Think of it in terms of exercise. At 150 calories a serving, it will take 20 minutes on a treadmill to work off one serving. A second serving means 40 minutes of a moderate cardio workout.

FitMed Partners is an age management practice. Dr. McConnell, III prescribes a medically based fitness and nutrition plan that is customized for individuals. Healthy Thanksgiving recipes can be found here. Call 843.284.5200 to schedule an appointment.