What are FitMed’s office hours?

FitMed Partners’ hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Our founder, Bright McConnell, III, MD, also serves Charleston Sports Medicine, so his week is divided between the two offices.

Where are you located?

FitMed Partners is located on beautiful Daniel Island in Charleston, South Carolina. Click here to see a map and our contact information.

Can I choose FitMed services a la carte?

Yes, you may choose from any of our profiles, programs, or assessments, though the age management program does require an initial profile, which is included in the fee. In addition, you may choose to have nutrition counseling, a resting metabolic rate, body composition, or VO2 max exercise test. Here are a few of the services we offer and the technology we use at FitMed Partners:
Body Composition
Bone Mineral Content
Strength & Balance
Exercise Stress Testing with ECG Monitoring
SpectraCell Nutrition Testing
Threat of Heart Disease and Stroke
Cognitive Function

How much do the programs, profiles, and assessments cost?

Depending on the type of services selected, costs can range from a hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. For more detailed information on pricing, please call us at 843.284.5720.

Will insurance reimburse me for the services you provide?

Typically, because most of our assessments and treatment recommendations may be considered preventive in nature, many insurance companies and government programs (Medicare) do not cover professional fees, prescriptions, or labs. FitMed does, however, facilitate reimbursement for non-Medicare clients by providing them with the information needed to file for out-of-network insurance benefits, if applicable, although payment is expected at the time of service. Additionally, various programs designed to give individuals tax advantages to offset health care costs are available.

Will Medicare benefits cover your services?

We do not file for or accept Medicare.

Does FitMed Partners offer any payment plans?

Payment is collected at the time of service. Long-term programs allow for monthly payments.