Exercise Helps Senior Citizens Prevent Falls

One in three senior citizens will fall this year, and often these falls lead to broken bones and even more health issues. Dr. Bright McConnell is an age management physician with FitMed Partners. He states, “Falls are a a major health concern for those over 65 years of age. As people age they lose strength, have slower reaction times and often have poor balance. This can often lead to falls and injuries.

Because of the frequency of falls among senior citizens, many shy away from being active and exercising. McConnell states, “When a patient falls, they lose confidence, which is natural reaction. However, this fear can actually be detrimental and lead to more injuries in the future.” In fact, McConnell recommends exercise for senior citizens to help prevent spills. He states, “Exercising will actually help prevent falls. For example, strength training will help decrease the loss of bone density while getting stronger through working the muscles. Yoga and tai chi will help improve balance, which requires good muscle strength and joint mobility.

For those wanting to get active over the age of 65, McConnell suggests starting slowly and building up. He states, “There are various benefits of being active for a senior citizen. Exercise can help with disease prevention, keep weight in check, encourage a healthy heart, and prevent falls.”

For senior citizens interested in getting active, FitMed Partners offers Biodex Balance Assessment which provides a generalized assessment of how well an individual can integrate various senses with respect to balance, and compensate when one or more of those senses are compromised. Give us a call at 843-284-5720 or to schedule your appointment today!