Bathing Suit Ready? Belly Buster tips that will get you there!

The temperatures have been climbing here in the lowcountry, and with warm weathercomes trips to the beach or pool and dayson the boat for many that live here.  But not everyone is ready for bathing suits that often come along with the outdoor activities.   FitMed Partners, and age management practice on Daniel Island, have composed some Belly Buster Tips that will help everyone get ready for summer.

Belly Buster 101

Write it Down– Keep a food log to stay on track with healthy eating

Drink up -Dehydration slows down fat burning

Hold the salt– Sodium causes water retention

Catch some ZZZ’s– Studies show sleep and hunger are related

Eat nuts– A staple food for weight loss

Limit alcohol intake

Reduce stress– High levels of stress cause belly fat

Stay away from added sugar– Avoid foods that end in “ose”

In addition, to these belly buster tips, FitMed Partners has advanced testing for individuals that test body composition, fat distribution, and assess health risks.  Led by Dr. Bright McConnell, FitMed Partners focuses on medically based fitness and nutrition therapies paired with the latest in age management science.   For other great tips, join us on Facebook.